Writing an Argument Essay: Frequently Asked Questions

An argumentative essay should present a strong claim on a given topic and relevant evidence that helps the writer convince the audience that a particular point of view is reasonable. The paper should provide a topic overview, important details, logical summaries, and counterarguments. Since many students have trouble working on this type of academic writing, they can benefit from the following answers to the frequently asked questions.

Understanding an Argumentative Essay Writing Basics

It’s recommended to learn more about how to compose an argumentative assignment before you start working on it. The following information will help you understand how a good paper should look like:

What is the purpose of such a paper?

The main purpose of this type of work is to persuade the readers that your position is the best one among the others. To do so, you should prepare a well-written summary of the studied issue, indicate your personal position towards it, and gather supportive evidence.

What topic is appropriate for the assignment?

Your topic should be arguable, have contradicting views, and matter to other people. Since you will spend plenty of time researching and drafting the paper, try to come up with something that interests you from the start.

Who can be a target audience for the paper?

You may write to your best friend, classmates, parents, school instructors, etc. For an argumentative writing, it’s extremely important to understand the target audience because you should address different groups of people by using a different language.

What a good thesis statement should look like?

It should tell the audience what the main point of the paper is and why you consider it important. You should make a claim in a clear manner; this may be either an argument of cause and effect, value, definition, or decision-making.

Using Simple Tips and Tricks to Improve the Quality of Your Paper

Most professors advise writing in short sentences that flow logically. A typical paragraph should include a topic sentence, sentences with important evidence, a brief summary of the points provided, and then a transition.

An argumentative essay should be based on logical reasoning, so avoid appealing to emotions and also keep in mind that your personal opinion is not an argument unless it’s based on solid facts. Therefore, you should pay your attention to the relevance and credibility of sources that you use to compose your paper and ask your professor for assistance if needed.