1. Planning
  2. Planning and using some oversight can save you considerable time and effort later on down the line. Your plan will provide you with structure to your writing, and will mean that you know exactly when and where to talk about specific points in your work. You should plan out what you intend to write in each paragraph. It does not need to be very comprehensive, but a brief note on what point or argument you will make in each paragraph will suffice. What this does is that it gets your ideas down where you can find them if you ever forget about what you were supposed to write. Many students can waste precious time trying to recall the great ideas they had, but did not put down on paper where they could remember them.

  3. Topic
  4. Many times the topic of your academic essay will be left up to you to decide. Many students struggle with this as throughout their school years they have received questions by teacher to answer. However if you choose the right topic then you will be able to save a lot of time and effort. The key aspect to remember when choosing your topic is to choose one that has a lot of sources that you can research about it from. Choosing a hotly contested topic with varying opinions will make your life easier. The reason for this is that it will make learning about it much easier, as opposed to something more obscure.

    Another thing to remember when making a choice of topic is that you need to choose something that genuinely piques your interests. If you choose a topic that you find boring then this will be reflected in your writing, which will lead to dropped marks for the lack of enthusiasm.

  5. Switch off your social media and phone
  6. One of the most time consuming habits that students like to do while composing their essays is to constantly look at their phones and browse the web. This form of procrastination causes you to lose a lot of time. Switch off any Internet devices when you sit down to write your paper, and concentrate solely on getting the amount you want done for the day.

  7. Type Instead of Write
  8. Another time and effort saving tip is to type your essay on a computer rather than handwriting. Unless there is a condition that your essay must be handwritten then typing it is the obvious way to go. Most people can type much faster than they can write so doing this will save you many hours of your time, as well as effort. You should also make your plan on the computer as this will also save you time.

  9. Write the introduction and conclusion at the end
  10. This tip surprises many, but a lot of students struggle on writing their introduction. So it is best to leave it until you have finished everything else. This will make it easier to write your introduction, as you will already be very familiar with how your essay pans out.